The well succeeded career of the Brazilian pianist Paulo Gazzaneo is based on two trends of his work, the interpretation and the pedagogy, and, recently, on the composition area.

He received his MM degree from Unicamp - Universidade Estadual de Campinas under the guidance of Dr Mauricy Matos Martin.

In Brazil, Gazzaneo was under the guidance of Amaral Vieira (piano and chamber music) and, Osvaldo Lacerda, Almeida Prado and Sérgio Chnee (composition, musical analysis, harmony and counterpoint). He attended several master classes in Brazil and abroad under the guidance of Gilberto Tinetti (Brazil), Sebastian Benda (Austria), Bruno Leonardo Gelber (Argentina), Peter Frankl (Hungary/England), and Zoltán Kocsis (Hungary).

In Hungary he studied with István Gulyás and István Lantos at the Franz Liszt Music Academy of Budapest, where he completed his piano studies in 1992. He also studied with Márta Gulyás, György Miklos and Ferenc Rados (chamber music) and Máté Hollos (musical analysis and harmony).

While in Hungary he also studied with Hans Graff at the Vienna Academy of Music, Austria.

After returning to Brazil in 1993 he established himself in São Paulo and began an intensive activity as teacher and performer. He then decided to devote himself to the works of Brazilian and Latin American composers, performing and recording works for piano solo and chamber formations.

The discography of Paulo Gazzaneo actually counts on eight titles recorded in the last fourteen years for Paulus, YBrazil Concerto and PMC Seals performing piano solo and chamber music works by Chopin, Liszt, Villa-Lobos, Amaral Vieira, Osvaldo Lacerda, Camargo Guarnieri, Henrique Oswald, Almeida Prado, Antônio Ribeiro, Aylton Escobar, Édson Zampronha, Pedro Caldas, José Siqueira, Martin Braunwieser, Sérgio Chnee e João Linhares.

"The pianist Paulo Gazzaneo seep away with talent and adrenaline six pieces of his master, the composer Amaral Vieira."
Luís Antônio Giron, 1996
Gazeta Mercantil, São Paulo

"The Quanta Duo Cd is the proof that well played Brazilian Music is something to be proud, being a rich universe to be explored. In front of such extremely happy realization, I just say we are, with no doubt, in front of a new reference for the Brazilian Chamber Music."

Fábio Caramuru, 2003
Revista Bravo, São Paulo

In 1997, he was indicated (as best soloist) for the important Carlos Gomes Prize awarded by the Cultural Council of the State of São Paulo. Established already as an important musical character in São Paulo, he was member of the jury in 2003 . Well requested teacher in Music Festivals, the Lorenzo Fernandez Prize was awarded in 2004, during Femusica, in Rio de Janeiro, as best teacher.

Following his work on diffusion and disclosure of Brazilian and Latin American works, Gazzaneo idealized and founded the Retrato Brasileiro Trio beside the violinist Ênio Antunes and the cellist Raïff Dantas Barreto. The group did its official premiere in the concert halls in event accomplished in the São Pedro Theater in São Paulo on November 2002. He individually works with the members of the group as Quanta Duo with Barreto, and Opus Brasiliae Duo with Antunes.

Actually his chamber concerts are dedicated to São Paulo Arte Trio of which, he is founder member joining the violinist Laércio Diniz and the cellist Ana Maria Chamorro.

His recordings for the radio and TV stations in Brazil and abroad, covering a wide repertory from the baroque to the 20th century, have received great critical praise:

"It is not common to find such a high degree of precision and maturity in young pianists, but Gazzaneo has mastered these qualities with elegance and virtuosic flair".
Gonzalo Sangines, 1987
Presencia, La Paz
"In his performances there is a balance between creative interpretation and the composer's idea as expressed in the score".
Ronald Martinez, 1988
Opinión, Cochabamba
"Paulo Gazzaneo is perfectly at home in this romantic world, proving his affinity with the Polonaises by Chopin which he presented in this recital. He possesses all the necessary technical and musical skills that this repertory demands".
Marianne Pándi, 1990
Magyar Nemzet, Budapeste
"Gazzaneo reached summits of great sonority inside in subtle shades of a coherent and sober unit of style. From the first instants of the program, he revealed his notable technical and interpretative qualities".
"José Quezada Macchiavello, 1997
El Comercio, Lima

Gazzaneo is frequently invited to participate in festivals and teaching classes in Brazil and abroad and beside to the interpretative trajectory, he led off an intensive and vigorous pedagogic activity for the teaching of his instrument to private students, as well as in teacher's quality in the piano, chamber music and theory subjects, disciplines that he has governed in the Tom Jobim Musical Studies Center of São Paulo, departmental organ of the Cultural Council of the State of São Paulo, where he also exercised Pedagogic Coordinator's function from the month of March of 1998 until 2004.

As composer, besides a recording produced in 2005 by the PMC Seal, Harpyia Quartet (Greece) has played his Piano Quartet during a Concert Season in 2003 through Eastern Europe. In 2006, Gazzaneo had the world premiere of his Fantasy for piano and strings orchestra accomplished by the Antunes Câmara Orchestra under direction of Sérgio Chnee and the own composer at the piano in the São Bento Theater in São Paulo. In 2010, Taiwan at Sun Yat-sen University used his Trio for piano and strings in its academic subject.

As a conductor, he did his debut in the Brazilian art scene in December 2011 with Philharmonic Orchestra of Brazil held in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

He is currently a professor in the EMESP - School of Music of São Paulo and Cantareira College, Director of Music of the Spheres Festival - International Festival of Music in Bragança Paulista, pianist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Brazil and is represented artistically by Brazilian companies Retrato Brasileiro Interartes and PLG Promoções.

He is member of the American Liszt Society and British Liszt Society.