Although to have received during his academic period the prompt from uncosteded figures in the Brazilian musical scene in the area of the composition as Osvaldo Lacerda and Almeida Prado, and Máté Hollos in Hungary, Paulo Gazzaneo started to only dedicate himself of more vigorous form to the art of the creation in the principle of the years 2000 under the incentive of the young composer Sergio Chnee.

His qualities as composer already had received some homages. His Variations for Piano Quartet (2002) had been interpreted by the Greek chamber group Harpyia Quartet during a tournée of concerts that the group carried through for the Baltic countries in the first semester of 2004. In 2005, he was the soloist under the guidance of Sergio Chnee front Antunes Chamber Orchestra in the premiere of his Fantasy for piano and strings orchestra. In 2010, Taiwan at Sun Yat-sen University used his Trio for piano and strings in its academic subject.

In 2006 the phonografic market was granted with the edition no. 3 of the series "Contemporary Brazilian Piano" of the seal PMC containing the recording of his "6 Miniatures for piano solo" (2005).

His current production, with approximately 40 works, is concentrated in compositions for his instrument and chamber formations with strings, however, he also possesses in his collection creations for symphonic ensembles.