Paulo Gazzaneo established himself in his native city, São Paulo, in 1993, after five years of studies in Europe, giving continuity to his artistic career in domestic territory

Among concerts, trips and his pedagogical work exerted in the São Paulo State Music School as well as Pedagogical Director of Festival Música das Esferas of Bragança Paulista, Gazzaneo has dedicated himself to carry through important registers of Brazilian works for piano solo and chamber music.

Through the Paulus, YBrazil Concerto and PMC seals, he has contributed with the phonographic market presenting important titles that certify his anxious ambition for the valuation of the musical patrimony of Brazil. In fourteen years, there are eight Cds, seven of which, total dedicated to national music.

The Trilogy "Fábulas (1994) - Fausto (1996) - The Snow Country Prince (1999)" of Paulus seal marks an important phase of the pianist, when registering in Compact disc, more than two decades of the production for piano solo of his master and main artistic director, the composer Amaral Vieira. Owners of a dense and technical complex writing, the works of Amaral Vieira, in these writings, are more than three hours of music that prove the freehold that Gazzaneo also possesses on his instrument and the total affinity with the aesthetic language undertaken by Vieira in his compositions.

Inside of his unfinishnable project of research, diffusion and recording of Brazilian works, Gazzaneo recorded in the year of 2001 for PMC seal, the Compact disc "Brazilian Piano Contemporary", with works of the Austrian-Brazilian composer M. Braunwieser and his nephew-grandson, Sergio Chnee. A "total familiar" Compact disc. The second volume of this series, "Brazilian Piano Contemporary II, for Children", with works of Almeida Prado, Edson Zampronha and Sergio Chnee, has been officially presented in October 28th 2003 in the Tom Jobim Musical Studies Center Auditorium. The third band of the series, "Brazilian Piano Contemporary III - Preludes", in which performs in first recording the works by composers Aylton Escobar, Edson Zampronha, Pedro Caldas, Antonio Ribeiro, Sergio Chnee and a cycle of six miniatures of his own authorship represents the first recording register of his own creations.

Musician of unexampled versatility, Paulo Gazzaneo has dedicated himself in the last years to the chamber music works, more specifically with the São Paulo Arte Trio of which he is founder member. Among 2000 and 2005 he has developed an important work with Retrato Brasileiro Trio (piano, violin and violoncello), Quanta Duo (piano and violoncello), Opus Brasiliae Duo (piano and violin), and as invited musician of the Aureus Strings Quartet, formed by Laércio Diniz, Nadilson Gama (violins), Adriana Schincariol (viola) and Ana Maria Chamorro (violoncello). With the Quanta Duo, a Compact disc (Duo Quanta) with repertoire of composers from Paraíba, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro recorded in 2002 for the YBrazil Concerto seal, marking the premiere of the Quanta Duo in the national and international phonographic market. This recording was deserving of the attention of musical critics J. J. Moraes and Fábio Caramuru, of the "Jornal da Tarde" and "Revista Bravo", respectively.

The independent RB carried through in 1997 with Gazzaneo an limited quantity of his interpretation of the traditional repertoire for piano, offering to the phonographic market his reading of the Ballades of Frederic Chopin and some works of the Hungarian composer Franz Liszt.